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Go Deep Inside the Daisy With an Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at EDC

The owls are sleeping... for now.

If you fancy yourself a dance music fan, or even a casual observer of music festivals, you probably know a thing or two about Insomniac's Electric Daisy Carnival, and specifically the brand's flagship event EDC Vegas, the biggest dance music festival in North America (which happens next weekend, June 19-21).

Whether you've been to every EDC in your best kandi, or you've watched the rave madness from from afar, you'll be amazed to see how this giant traveling carnival comes together, and how many people, pieces, and various passions all collide in a beautiful dance-music collage each year.

In this exclusive THUMP Special, Inside EDC, we hit the Sin City, home of the Insomniac warehouse where no cameras have been allowed before. It's a sprawling space where all of this year's set pieces are getting some final touches and previous years' structures are either archived or re-purposed. We meet Andy Garcia, Insomniac's Director of Experience and Art Creation, who guides us through the festival's vision and explains how the mammoth "Cathedral" stage (seen this year at EDC NY) is created and eventually built.

From securing the thousands of various components in massive containers, to how the main stage DJ booth gets constructed, this is stuff nobody gets to see. Think you were a a true Headliner? Watch this, then we'll talk.

Tickets for EDC Las Vegas here.

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