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Create New Aesthetic Compositions The Easy Way With theNewAesthetic.js

Nick Briz has handily codified the movement, making it more accessible and executable for everyone.

The New Aesthetic exploded onto the web earlier this year with Bruce Sterling’s essay setting it all in motion. And while it’s all gone a bit quiet since those heady days, it doesn’t mean it’s gone away. Far from it, a book’s been published about it and people are still scratching their heads at whether they like it, hate it, think it’s a meme, a movement, or something else entirely.

But with James Bridle’s Tumblr no longer active, it’s missing an online place to call home—maybe that’s where theNewAesthetic.js can help. Described as an “executable-essay/open-source javascript artware-library for quick [re]production of ‘New Aesthetic’ compositions and related new-media art tropes” it’s the work of Nick Briz and allows for quick and easy reproduction of the symbols and images that signify this movement/meme/whatever.

The site serves as a place where the visual language of the New Aesthetic can be utilized by anyone, where you can add all the telltale N/A signs to your piece so people immediately recognize it as part of the movement. Add glitches, satellite imagery, and pixelated icons to make your compositions that bit more New Aesthetic-y. All this with minimal coding effort—what more could you ask for?