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Aaron Turner's New Band, Sumac, is Heavier Than a Bag of Hammers; Listen to a New Track Here

Stream their ridiculously heavy new track, "Thorn in the Lion's Paw."

Photo by Paulo Gonzales Sumac is a ball-busting new recording project from proven architects of volume Aaron Turner (Isis, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer) and Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn, who recorded their debut effort with help from bassist Brian Cook (Russian Circles, Botch, These Arms Are Snakes). Those of us who still miss Aaron's dearly departed label Hydra Head will be delighted to note that Sumac's The Deal slots perfectly into his collective discography, and doesn't stray too far from what he's been doing as part of arch doom trolls Old Man Gloom, either. Heavy is as heavy does.


Take a listen to the lurching menace of "Thorn in the Lion's Paw," and keep an eye out for Sumac tourdates—Aaron's promised that this isn't just "a one-off side project thing."

The Deal is out 2/3 via Profound Lore and SIGE.