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Autumn in June's "Pretty Wicked" Video is Pretty and Also Wicked... Duh

Could the LA rapper be the Rap Game Nikki Sixx we've been looking for?

Photo via YouTube

Los Angeles artist Autumn in June musically embodies two sides of the city he's in: the street rap of South Central and the glitzy EDM of Hidden Hills house parties. His new video for "Pretty Wicked" might be the most decadently LA video since Guns 'n' Roses' heyday. Drugs, tattoos (lots of them), cars, it's all here like a rap version of a Mötley Crüe or Poison video. Could Autumn be a Rap Game Nikki Sixx or Bret Michaels? It's tough to say, but maybe you can decide for yourself.

“The video is inspired by the story of the quiet guy in school after he finally gets to start dating the cool girl that he has a crush on," says Autumn. "It features Miryam Lumpini who is one of the dopest tattoo artists out there killing shit. I'm also kinda obsessed with the whole 80's neon type of look, so I tried to capture that vibe in the video with all of the glowing colors.” Watch "Pretty Wicked" below.

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