Rearrange Your Brain with B.YHZZ's Deranged New EP

Featuring remixes from Chino Amobi and Endgame, this is superlative club music at its clattering and disorientating best.
May 24, 2017, 1:41pm

Hey, you, yeah you, yes you, what do you love most in life? Have a think. A real think. Oh, you know already, and don't even need a bit of time to ponder it? That's great. Go on then, tell the world, tell the world what you love best about it, what you treasure above all else…

Experimentally-leaning deconstructed club music? Wow, that's amazingly handy, actually. Thanks! We were a bit worried that you were going to say "the beach" or "hot dogs" or "the unwavering belief that at some point, peace will envelope us all and everyone will accept love as the higher being," which would have thrown us a bit, because this is an exclusive premier of some experimentally-leaning deconstructed club music. Thanks again, mate!


If you are super into music that sounds like Aphex Twin's laptop being doused in bleach in an aeroplane hanger on the outskirts of hell, then you're going to LOVE this brand new EP by B.YHZZ. It basically sounds like a nightmarish vision of a world in which we've been replaced by hulking machines that pummel and pound without reason forever and ever. Great!

B.HYZZ told us this about the record over email:

"With VIA I was trying to define myself and a sound that's been the closest to me lately, one that would express all those silent feelings that always seem to go unnoticed, I wanted to catch them and let them speak. Also, I didn't feel like I need to write tracks that would sound like the 'club music' that I've done before, I mean VIA has some club elements but every time I thought about giving it some more of that 'club shape' I felt like I was missing the whole point."

Backed with remixes from big names like Imaabs, Endgame, and Chino Amobi, the Via EP is a serious brain-rearranger, and comes highly recommended for anyone who's musical sweet spot sits somewhere between Berghain and the Castlevania soundtracks.

Check out the EP exclusively right below.