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Man in Uttar Pradesh Dies While Trying to Eat 50 Eggs

Subhash Yadav was competing in an eating challenge with his friend for a bet of Rs 2,000, but ended up collapsing after swallowing 42 eggs.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Uttar Pradesh man dies while trying to eat 50 eggs
Photo: Iva Balk via Pixabay 

42-year-old Subhash Yadav and his friend were hanging out at the Bibiganj market in the Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh when they got into an argument. The pair decided to resolve it through an egg-eating competition where they decided to devour 50 hard-boiled eggs, in a challenge probably inspired from the movie Cool Hand Luke, which had a scene that involved the lead swallowing 50 eggs. The two men in question here did it for the grand prize of Rs 2,000 ($28) for the winner.


However, the challenge born out of what the men might’ve assumed would be harmless fun took a dark turn when Yadav was about to pop his 42nd egg. At this point, he fell unconscious and had to be immediately taken to the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences. The doctors did their best, but he could not be brought back to consciousness and according to the police, died on the spot. Turns out, eating all those eggs had created a situation so lethal in his stomach, that he passed away due to overeating.

While the family members have refused to comment on this case, it can be harmful to subject your stomach to 50 eggs which could weigh up to six pounds—as proven in this case. Competitive eating might have evolved into a sport over the years, but it’s left casualties in its wake—several involving the egg itself.

In 2013, The Guardian reported on the death of Sharon Dixon, who died by swallowing an egg too quickly at an Easter egg-eating contest at a pub in Grimsby, United Kingdom, while another incident took place in Australia in 2012, when a man passed away while eating 28 raw eggs after he was challenged to do so by his friends.

Conversion: $1 = Rs 71.2.

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