We're So Here for Adam Wainwright Scaring the Shit Out of Teammate Matt Carpenter

There's nothing more fun coming out of spring training right now than watching these two try and one up each other with frights.
Screenshot via Matt Carpenter Twitter / @MattCarp13

Ah, springtime. The sleet, the blossoms, the clubhouse grab-ass. Nothing like it.

The St. Louis Cardinals are out in Jupiter, Florida, getting ready for the 2018 MLB season, and two players decided to set in motion something that's supposed to last for the whole season. Matt Carpenter and Adam Wainwright started the Scare Games, and we, my friends, are the real beneficiaries.

The rules are simple: try to catch the other person unaware and scare the shit out of them. It's unclear how this conversation went down, but all we know is that Carpenter started it.


It's become clear early on that even though Carpenter is the architect, Wainwright is the master:

Not even wives are safe.

Here's a joke-ass attempt by Carpenter that Wainwright smelled as staged from a mile away. A closed towel bin? Come on. Amateur.

Sometimes, Carpenter doesn't even know who he's scaring. I guess he could get a half-point for this.

The only way we can truly tell if things have escalated is if they're pulling some in-game antics—fake limb-detachment injuries, hiding under second base, dressing up as mascots. Those are a couple of freebies for you guys. Because there are still 207 more days of this to go.