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Inventor of The Internet’s Most Terrifying Search Engine Shows Us How To Use It

Thanks to Shodan, it’s incredibly easy to find hackable things on the internet.

The internet isn't just made of Facebook, Motherboard, 4chan and all your other favorite websites. There are thousands of devices, such as webcams, smart light bulbs, printers, and even smart homes, connected to it and there's a special search engine that allows you to find them.

It's called Shodan and it's a great tool to find insecure devices, so that people can fix them and make the internet safer. Shodan crawls the internet and collects all kind of stuff connected to the internet, from mundane smart fridges to industrial control systems. It's a powerful tool, and you don't really appreciate it until you use it yourself, or, better yet, until its inventor shows you what it can do.

We met with Shodan's creator John Matherly, who gave us a glimpse of all the crazy things you can find with Shodan.

"There's so many homes connected to the internet," Shodan's inventor John Matherly says.

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