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This Is What It Feels Like to Ride In a Hyperloop

Zoom zoom

SpaceX recently held a national competition for organizations building upon Elon Musk's idea for a hyperloop—a superfast form of transportation involving pods shot through vacuum tubes. Now the company has released a video of one pod in action.

This footage was taken from the SpaceX test vehicle, which brings the pod vehicles up to speed before letting 'em rip through the tube.

It's shot in 360 degree interactive video, so you can use your cursor to look around. Tube to the left? Yep. More tube wall to the right? Got it. Guess how the back looks? Pretty much like the front view, except more like a dune buggy with giant wheels.

The original white paper for the Hyperloop from founder and CEO Elon Musk estimated it'd carry people near the speed of sound, but the top speed for the competition, according to The Verge, was 58 miles per hour. Only three teams made it to the final round of evaluations and were given access to the test tube.

Turn the sound up, and you'll hear a screeching noise that can only be described as "bat out of multiple hells." If this is what the future sounds like, I'll stick to cars, thanks.

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