Trump Just Endorsed One of QAnon’s Favorite Politicians

Arizona’s Wendy Rogers is so committed to Trump, she called for the election she won to be decertified—so he could remain in the White House.
Sean Rayford/Getty Images // Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call
Sean Rayford/Getty Images // Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call

Wendy Rogers has spent the last decade repeatedly trying and failing to win state and federal seats in Arizona.

But her loyalty to former President Donald Trump was so great that when she finally secured a seat in the Arizona Senate in November 2020, she turned around and demanded that the election she won be decertified—so that Trump could remain in the White House.


So it should come as little surprise that Trump just endorsed Rogers, who’s running for reelection in 2022.

Rogers has become the “breakout star” among conservatives in the past year, according to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who recently told NBC that if Rogers doesn’t win a seat in Congress, then “you're going to see her in the next Trump administration."

The retired Air Force lieutenant colonel has gained fame within MAGA World by embracing the most extreme election fraud conspiracies, cozying up to militias and QAnon figures, and simply being the loudest voice in the room calling for the 2020 election to be overturned.

Little wonder, then, that Trump endorsed this “MAGA warrior... because she FIGHTS!”

Rogers’ rising profile is tied directly to the decision by the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate to authorize the bogus recount that took place in Maricopa County earlier this year.

That sham process, which ultimately proved that Joe Biden won the presidency by an even greater margin than the official count, helped ignite a movement across the U.S. among Trump fans, QAnon followers, and many within the Republican Party—and Rogers quickly became one of the leading voices in that movement.


Using her Twitter account where Trump couldn’t (he was banned from the platform in early 2021), Rogers boosted wild conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen and quickly became a must-have speaker for anyone organizing a conference or rally in MAGA World.

Her rallying cry has been to “decertify the election,” even though there is no legal mechanism to do such a thing.

As her star rose in MAGA World, Rogers went on the road to capitalize on the growing support for the Big Lie within conservative circles. As well as stumping for GOP Senate candidates like Eric Greitens in Missouri and Josh Mandel in Ohio—where she received a standing ovation—Rogers has not been afraid to dip her toe into murkier waters.

In August, she spoke at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium in South Dakota, where the MyPillow CEO claimed he would unveil evidence that China had rigged the election in Biden’s favor. No evidence was or has ever been produced to back up this claim.

In October, she joined three other sitting Arizona lawmakers on stage at the big QAnon-focused “Patriot Double Down” conference in Las Vegas, where she spread COVID-19 disinformation and urged attendees to avoid getting a vaccine.


She even waded into the current QAnon civil war last week, by coming out in support of pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood when Kyle Rittenhouse criticized him.

Wendy Rogers/Twitter

Wendy Rogers/Twitter

And let’s not forget that Rogers decided to attack Big Bird recently after the Sesame Street character promoted vaccines for children.

Wendy Rogers/Twitter

Wendy Rogers/Twitter

While many of those shouting “election fraud” earlier this year have moved on and are now focusing on the 2022 midterms, Rogers has remained steadfast in her efforts to undermine democracy at all costs. 

On the same date that the Cyber Ninjas finally reported the findings of their sham recount in Maricopa County, Rogers launched a new campaign, this time to get all 50 states to conduct similar reviews of the 2020 election and to decertify the results, even though this is not something that’s legally possible.

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