NIKI's Single 'lowkey' Could Be the Summer's Sweetest Hookup Anthem

The Indonesian R&B princess is back.
NIKI "lowkey" single art
Photo courtesy of 88rising. 

In her new single "lowkey," Indonesia's R&B princess NIKI is serving a perfect combination of sweet and sass, and I'm living for it.

The LA-based, Jakarta-born singer, whose real name is Niki Zefanya, has become one of the most promising Southeast Asian women in the music game since she started releasing songs through 88rising two years ago. Here at VICE, we've enjoyed her singles "Newsflash!" and "Vintage", and in "lowkey," the 20-year-old kept what's always worked for her: nostalgic beats, catchy melodies, and her signature sweet, sultry delivery.


Compared to some of her previous releases, "lowkey" is arguably NIKI's most radio-friendly bop to date—you could probably mistake it for Kehlani's or Halsey's. But at a closer listen you'll realize there's something about her sound that sets NIKI apart from the rest of today's R&B-pop-dance blend of female musicians, and that's how NIKI has kept it refreshing for her fans.

"lowkey" is the first single from her upcoming EP wanna take this downtown? and judging by how many times I've listened to this banger, I'd say it's a pretty good contender for this summer's hookup anthem: "Don’t have to make me spell it all night. I don’t really give a fuck 'bout all the 'he said she said' bullshit. So pick your poison love, let's go somewhere more exclusive,” NIKI sings. Word.

wanna take this downtown? EP is set to release sometime in May.

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