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10 GIFs of Renaissance Paintings Doing Ridiculous Things

See Jesus body paint, Galileo chastise a drunken moon, and a deer hunter shoot Jean-Luc Picard.

Scorpion Dagger is a Montreal-based blogger who posts GIFS once a day, usually detailing characters from Renaissance paintings doing decidedly modern things. To brighten your day, we've compiled 10 of our favorites for your enjoyment.

Watch below as famous figures from Renaissance art…

…binge eat and exercise in the park.

…ride a packed subway car with a pizza demon.

…attempt to hunt and get foiled by a Star Trek protagonist.


…have an open studio, and live-create the Shroud of Turin.

…get mad at the moon's drinking problem.

…use Google Glass to check Facebook.

…have a heavy metal flute show.

…plan a surprise Last Supper.

….play beach volleyball with saints.

…get bombarded by pop-ups.

Figures of Renaissance art, they're just like us!

Scorpion Dagger