The Drag Queen's Guide to the World Wide Web

Bob the Drag Queen joins Trixie Mattel as they test their internet knowledge in a game called Acronym(phos).

While Katya, also known as Brian McCook, continues her year-long hiatus from drag, Season 8 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Bob the Drag Queen is stepping up to the plate and sitting in for the remainder of THE TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW. Although she’s got big patent-leather pumps to fill, we can’t think of anyone better to carry on Katya’s legacy and the show’s hilarious repartee than Trixie’s gal pal, Bob.


In their first episode together as VICELAND co-hosts, Trixie Mattel and Bob the Drag Queen discuss all things Internet-related, whether that be online stranger danger, viral “challenges,” or Trump’s shitty tweets. Not only are they breaking down the World Wide Web for us one W at a time, but they’re also testing their own knowledge of online acronyms, and seeing just how good they are at being millennials in this segment, called “Acronymphos.” Don’t worry— despite its suggestive name, it’s a clip safe enough to watch at your desk job.

During this scene from tonight’s episode, each queen takes turns holding up an online acronym and testing their counterpart on just how well they know the digital dialect. Unfortunately for the queens, the challenge is not always going to be as easy as “brb.” Ever heard of “dae?”

Anyway, log off for once, and tune in to tonight’s episode of THE TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW with our new host, Bob the Drag Queen. 10:30 PM on VICELAND.