The State of Cord Cutting Today, By the Numbers


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The State of Cord Cutting Today, By the Numbers

Some of the numbers in the cord cutting game will take your breath away.

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People have all sorts of reasons why they're looking to cut the cord, whether it's because they're tired of paying upwards of $100 per month to the likes of Time Warner Cable or Comcast for cable, or that they feel they're simply better served with a smattering of services like Netflix and Sling TV. Regardless of the motivation, there's a lot of data to unpack.

For example, did you know that nearly 400,000 people in the US said goodbye to cable to in 2015? Or that more than one-third of American adults now subscribe to Netflix? And it's almost impossible to believe, but the average American adult spends nearly three hours per day watching TV. That's a lot!

Deciding to cut the cord can be a truly liberating experience for the right person, which is why we decided to do something to help visualize some of the figures involved