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  • Ladies Wore Bikinis, Not Burkas, in La Goulette

    The stories old-timers tell about the Tunisia suburb run counter to the way the West views the Arab World. It was a place where three religions and five languages intermixed, Jews and Muslims partied together, and young ladies flaunted their beach...

  • Students Are Still Dying in Egypt

    After the country’s bloodiest summer, the trail of bodies is reinforcing one of the mainstays of the Mubarak era: unexplained deaths, denials by authorities.

  • The Bedouin News – A Rise from the Saudi People Means a Rise in the Cost of, Well, Everything

    The Arab Spring is heating up in Saudi Arabia, and that might make everything in the entire world much, much more expensive.

  • Hell On Earth

    Situated at the southernmost tip of the Middle East, just across the Gulf of Aden from Somalia, Yemen is the region's poorest country, and one of the more heavily armed Arab nations.