arctic circle

  • Best Of 2014: Going to the Ends of the Earth

    This year, we traveled around the world, getting high on gonads in the Arctic Circle, eating lamb in inner Mongolia, fishing on an exploding lake in the DR Congo, and even hanging out with Fidel Castro's former chef in Havana.

  • Eating Toadstools and Buried Lamb Near the Arctic Circle

    I flew to the wee Norwegian town of Mosjøen for the Arctic Food Festival, where a group of local and foreign chefs gathered together to bury lambs' legs, eat fly agaric mushrooms, and exchange food knowledge.

  • A 'Dumpcano' in the Canadian Arctic Has Been Burning for Eight Weeks

    It’s one of the worst examples of landfill operations in the Americas right now. The city of Iqaluit has been struggling to extinguish a fire in its local dump. The city has finally come up with a $2.2 million plan to extinguish it.