• This Is What Happens When a Butcher Opens a Pub

    “We’re not going to do something that’s cool for five years and then do something else,” says Luca Mathiszig-Lee, one of the founders of meat-focused London pub Hill and Szrok. “A pork chop will never be fashionable but people will always want it.”

  • A Massive, Prized Show Horse Was Murdered and Butchered for Its Meat

    A Florida-based veteran show rider awoke last Sunday morning to discover that her prized jumping horse—the nearly 1,300-pound Phedras de Blondel—was horrifically slaughtered and butchered for its meat sometime during the night.

  • Why There Are 300 Pigs Running Loose in This Forest

    Every year, local farmers release pigs into New Forest as part of the annual pannage season, an ancient practice that sees pigs feast on acorns and makes for unique tasting pork.