• Victoria Could be Overturning its Cage Fighting Ban

    Last year, the Labor Party announced they'd repeal the state's cage fighting ban if voted into government. With their election victory in November, the MMA community is still waiting to get back inside the bars.

  • British Female Cage Fighting's Biggest Rivalry

    while the female MMA scenes in Japan and the US are thriving, the UK is falling woefully behind.

  • British Female Cage Fighting's Biggest Rivalry

    I went to watch Lisa "Lights Out" McCallam and Stacy "The Hammer" Hayes fight it out in London's limping female fighting scene.

  • Fedor Emelianenko Made Me Love MMA

    Before I saw Fedor Emelianenko fight, I thought mixed martial arts was a debased and debauched distraction for frat boys and thugs. After, my life was completely rearranged. I started filling my time with sparring sessions and endless hours watching...