• Making Cheese on the Comté Trail in the French Jura

    Making the glorious cheese known as Comté is a communal endeavor, requiring up to 120 gallons of fresh milk from multiple small herds to make one 90-pound wheel.

  • If You Ask Me, the Fancy Food Show Is a Fancy Shit Show

    What started off as a food fair of sorts way back in the early 1900s—when exotic ingredients such as tiger and elephant were presented to the masses of newly “gourmet”-minded consumers—has devolved into a full-on circle jerk of industry folks flaunting...

  • Cheese Is Your Hangover's Best Friend

    Hangovers are the worst. The next time you awake to the pulsing pain of too many libations, skip over the fried fish sandwich that will inevitably make you hurl, and pull out a chunk of cheese to nibble the nausea away.

  • Comté Is a Bad-Ass Cheese Aged in Old Military Bunkers

    During France’s many wars, bunkers housed the artillery and weapons for armies. Now, they are the perfectly chilly aging houses for the coveted Comté—a stoner’s wet dream on the joy ride of flavor explosion.

  • Manchego Is the Product of a Sheep's Wet Dream

    The fabled territory of La Mancha, Spain is not just the home of a psychedelic voyager and a bunch of windmills. Manchego, one of the most sought after sheep's cheeses in the world, comes from the wet dreams of wooly creatures that roam the hills of...

  • Morbier Cheese Tastes Like Barry White, Naked, on a Fur Rug

    Picture Barry White sipping Cognac, nude on a polar bear rug, and you'll always know what Comté cheese tastes like for the rest of your life. But let's embark on a culinary voyage through space and time to the lovely region that is the Franche Comté to...

  • Alpine Kind of High

    Alpine style is the OG of cheese genres. It sounds like some sort of kinky sex move that involves one too many right angles, but it’s far more than just some dairy squeezed fresh from the mountainside.