• The Man Who Received Plastic Surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber Is More Sane Than Justin Bieber

    Toby Sheldon spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber, but the smart and articulate 33-year-old is, despite what you may have read, not crazy. He's a songwriter on a mission to destroy the stigmas surrounding plastic surgery.

  • Kirk Cameron Wrote the Bible

    You may think you know how gross Kirk Cameron is, but unless you saw his latest "movie," Unstoppable, which was broadcast as part of a live event, you have no idea.

  • Don't Bet on the Apocalypse

    Remember those billboards during the summer of 2011 that boldly claimed the world was going to end on May 21 of that year? Those predictions were put together by a California-based Christian cult who is now destitute, because they spent all their money...

  • Has the Whole World Gone Right?

    Will women soon be expected to take gin baths and drink pennyroyal tea to induce abortions, as in previous centuries?

  • Waco Shakedown

    Thirteen years after it went up in an apocalyptic blaze, the site where the Branch Davidians' Waco compound sat-and where a new Mt. Carmel Church was built in 1999 with help from famed radio nutbar Alex Jones-remains at the center of a bizarre conflict.

  • We Talked To David Koresh's Girlfriend

    Last year, an independent label in Otho, Iowa (Junior Motel Records) released a post-humous recording by David Koresh. The CD, Voice of Fire, contains two songs and a 40-minute sermon by the self-proclaimed son of God.