diet soda

  • How Diet Soda Ruined My 20s

    I lost eight years of my youth stuck in bed with horrible migraines.

  • Why Drinking Diet Soda Makes You More Likely to Get a DUI

    Nothing says bacchanalia quite like an ice-cold glass of diet soda. At least, that may become the norm due to the results of a new study that has found that consuming alcohol with diet soda will actually get you more drunk—at least in terms of your...

  • Food Porn Is Making You Fat

    Because our brain is designed in part to find and forage for food, it may be that visual stimuli occupy a particularly important place in our mental wiring.

  • Americans Are Ditching Soda in Droves

    A new poll has revealed that 61 percent of Americans now avoid drinking soda, while 62 percent refrain from drinking diet soda, too. Is now the time for coconut water to become the standard beverage with your burger and fries?

  • Even Diet Soda Could Be Making You Fat

    A recent study found that men and women over the age of 65 gained a significant number of inches on their waist even if they were choosing diet soda over the regular stuff.

  • Fake Sugar Might Be Making Us Sick

    Put down that wake-me-up diet soda for a second: A controversial new study has demonstrated a link between artificial sweeteners and a condition that can lead to diabetes. At the heart of it is the complex jungle of gut bugs that live in our digestive...