dirty jokes

  • This Digital Still is Basically Virtual Reality in 2D

    It took 50 hours to render Cornelius Dämmrich’s endlessly detailed new digital work, “52HZ.”

  • Meet Canada’s Most Incompetent Politician

    He tells disgusting jokes in public and fakes endorsements but he's still a Progressive Conservative!

  • Chef's Night Out: Henrique Fogaça of Sal Gastronomia

    We take a food tour of São Paulo with Fogaça and his pals to make dirty jokes, eat tapioca dumplings, hit the bars, and gobble up a bloody ribeye steak at restaurant Arturito.

  • Billy

    For this week's episode of our infamous Kids Telling Dirty Jokes series, we had Billy come out. This peach-faced kid was shy at first, but once we got him warmed up he really let them rip!

  • Kids Telling Dirty Jokes: Nicole

    Nicole's a little bit older and on the verge of being one of those "I've-got-my-learner's-permit-so-I'm-better-than-you" girls. The next couple of years are going to be rough. Good luck, Mom and Dad!

  • Kobi

    This miniature Frankie Muniz doesn't quite have a penchant for political correctness and rarely sees a joke as "too soon."

  • Logan

    This cutie came ready for the camera with some badass Spiderman kicks and jokes made to offend. He spit out vulgarities left and right. One day he'll be famous for it, I'm sure.

  • Ruby

    Meet Ruby—the type of girl the Tea Party would be happy to have on their side. Yeah, she might look like a doll straight out of an American Girl catalog, but at least she's not afraid to share her thoughts on circumcision and the modern women.

  • Jon

    Kids Telling Dirty Jokes is back! In this first episode, our little ladies' man, Jon, steps up to bat.

  • The VICE Podcast - Johnny Knoxville Talks About 'Bad Grandpa'

    In Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, Johnny Knoxville stars as the 86-year-old poon hound Irving Zisman. This week on the podcast, we speak to Johnny about the technical difficulties of filming pranks with hidden cameras and what it felt like to...