environmental activism

  • Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has Declared War on Kinder Morgan

    Burnaby's silver-haired mayor Derek Corrigan has already said he is willing to stand in front of a bulldozer to stop Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline expansion. Now, after winning a landslide election last week, he has declared war on the company.

  • Hipster Environmentalists Versus a UK Politician

    In an attempt to psych out the conservative politician who thinks that climate change is a bunch of hooey, the crew will, one by one, approach him while he’s giving his speech, paint a circle around one of their eyes, and stare at him.

  • Transylvania Could Become a Barren Toxic Wasteland

    The region—which makes up a large chunk of central Romania—is rich in gold, and a bunch of mining companies are keen to lock down their share of the action.

  • The First Nation People in Sarnia Are Pushing Back Against Fracking

    On December 27th, First Nations protestors in Sarnia, Ontario, took to the streets once again to let Canadians know they don’t want to be the lab rats of the energy industry’s pollution experiments. While members of the Aamjiwnaang...

  • Greenpeace Activists Climbed the Sagrada Família Today

    Early this morning, some Greenpeace activists hung off the north face of Sagrada Família—Barcelona's iconic, Gaudi-designed cathedral—to protest against the Russian government’s treatment of their pals who were imprisoned after trying to climb an oil...

  • The Chemical Valley - Trailer

    Forty percent of Canada's petrochemical industry is packed into a 15-square-mile area in Sarnia, Ontario, called the Chemical Valley. More than 60 chemical plants and oil refineries operate there 24/7. As a result of the Chemical Valley's emissions, in...