green tech

  • Mark Ruffalo Wants the Avengers to Divest From Fossil Fuels

    The actor tells us he's pledged to divest all his money from fossil fuels and invest in cleantech, and wants to convince Leonardo DiCaprio and the cast of the Avengers to do the same.

  • The Energy Fixers

    "The Energy Fixers," a documentary on two pathbreaking projects kickstarted by ARPA-e, the Dept. of Energy's advanced projects funder: a biofuel derived from seaweed and a wind power system that's dramatically more efficient than conventional turbines.

  • Is Renewable Energy a Myth? Yes, But There's Still Hope

    We are generally made to understand that we as humans are using energy _incorrectly_. Dirty energy from unsustainable sources: coal, oil, natural gas. Whereas, if we as humans were to trade up for another energy source, or combination of sources...

  • The Potential Green Future of Pizza Delivery, in UFO Form

    I love pizza. I'd have it every day for lunch if I could. The only thing holding me back is overwhelming 'za guilt: the only way pizzerias seem to package a couple slices to go is to plop them in a regular old pizza box. Not only do I feel like an...

  • Green Fuels: Not So Green?

    So there was some kind of art-hipster carnival parked out in front of my house the other day. Two colorful buses, one of them appearing to run on biofuel. I thought _that's adorable_ but then, like an hour later, I realized they'd both been idling for...