• It's Very Easy to Get Onto the Terrorist Database, and Impossible to Get Off It

    Civil liberties groups, lawyers, and activists are getting very concerned about how the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist is constituted.

  • The Hangover News

    Russia want to use the Olympics to spy on everyone, but you were too drunk to notice.

  • Robert Mugabe Won the Zimbabwe Elections, Again

    The list of rigging tactics seems to be endless, and Tsvangirai has compiled a pretty strong case, which he is preparing to take to court to fight for a re-election. His doubts about Mugabe's "win" are shared by many members of the international and...

  • Robert Mugabe Is Having a Tantrum Again

    Zimbabwe is about to hold its first presidential election since a new constitution was passed last month. As part of the reforms, Zimbabwean leaders will now only be able to hold the presidency for a maximum of two five-year terms, as opposed to...