John Besh

  • New Orleans's 93-Year-Old Chef Is Still Shaping Creole Cuisine

    At 93 years young, Miss Leah Chase has defined Creole cuisine in the Big Easy for over 75 years. But the importance of Chase and her restaurant stretch far beyond the food.

  • How New Orleans' Restaurant Industry Helped Revive the City After Katrina

    Katrina "taught me that New Orleans is bigger than me,” says chef John Besh, whose name and restaurants are synonymous with the city.

  • Why I'm a Closeted Duck Hunter

    I grew up hunting everything from deer and ducks in Louisiana, but it wasn't until I came into contact with one chef who changed the way that I view the sport that has made me a different hunter, a better chef, and leader.

  • Watch Us Go Fishing With John Besh in New Orleans

    On a lazy Saturday, why not take a vicarious voyage to the bayou? We've got just the ticket—and chef and hunter extraordinaire John Besh is leading the way.

  • VICE Eats with John Besh

    Chef Besh heads out to Lake Pontchartrain just outside New Orleans city limits to catch some seafood. After we hung up our fishing poles, we headed back to La Provence to cook up our catch.

  • VICE Eats with John Besh

    Chef John Besh went fishing on New Orleans's Lake Pontchartrain with local angling legend “Deadly” Dudley Vandeborre and chef Brian Landry. The trio then cooked up their findings back at La Provence.