• The Revolutionary History of Lowriders

    The new film 'Lowriders' highlights the aesthetic of Chicanx car culture but leaves out its radical politics.

  • Lowriders Are the Beating Heart of Chicano Culture in the Southwest

    Chicano men have been self-customizing American bombs and muscle cars into lowriders since the 40s. In recent years, the car culture has been particularly vibrant in New Mexico, cementing itself into predominantly chicano/hispanic neighborhoods.

  • Huang's World: Los Angeles, Part 2

    In this episode, Eddie spends a Sunday afternoon with the Techniques lowriders club, riding around in their candy-painted cars, enjoying the California sun, and swapping barbecue secrets.

  • Lowriders in the Post-War Era: A Chat with Ben Chappell

    Not only do the cars speak volumes about class and ethnicity, but they challenge and redefine the way we interpret contemporary urban space. Professor Ben Chappell has propelled himself directly into lowrider culture, talking to those directly involved...