• Wax Strips

    Megg, Mogg, and Owl are going to the beach! That should be fun! But it isn't.

  • Don't Shit in the Subway

    Megg takes a public dump.

  • Winter Abortion

    Winter can be rough, but at least spring brisket time is just around the corner.

  • Owl Goes to the Gym

    Megg and Mogg fool around in the house while Owl's at the gym. It goes terribly.

  • Megg, Mogg, & Michael Snow

    Megg wants to leave the bar but Mogg is addicted to playing CSI pinball.

  • Television Network Meeting

    Megg, Mogg, and Owl have a meeting to pitch a TV show and they prepare by getting very high and then proceed to keep getting high during the meeting.

  • St. Owl's Bay

    Megg, Mogg, and Owl decide to go camping to enjoy some well-deserved R&R. It doesn't turn out very well.

  • Gunky Claws

    Are you ready to take a magic trip into the world of Mogg's cat mind? No? Too bad.

  • Owl's Way or Else

    Owl kicks Werewolf Jones and his horrible children out of his hotel room while Jones has a meltdown and his kids watch an episode of Adventure Time.

  • What the Hell Is Werewolf Jones Doing Here?

    Owl's attempt at escaping the chaos of his home at a nearby Marriott is a bust. Werewolf Jones is in his room somehow and he brought his children, Jaxon and Diesel.

  • Owl's Perfect Private Time

    Owl has escaped the chaos of his home and is cooling off alone at the Marriott. He's relaxing in the pool, using the business center, and going to Papa John's. Nothing could possibly ruin this.

  • The Terrifying Children of Werewolf Jones

    Werewolf Jones's sex party guests are gone, but unfortunately his awful kids have shown up.