• I Accidentally Fell Into the Feeder Fetish Community

    The act of feeding and being fed elicits conversation, forges bonds, and creates community. Food is exciting. I, myself, am a cute fat girl who accidentally came into contact with my first 'feeder', a guy who experiences erotic pleasure from feeding.

  • The Navy Wants Its Fried Food Back and Is Blaming Michelle Obama

    On Navy Times’ Facebook page, Matt Phillips wrote, “Welcome to the Tofu Navy.” Jeff King was even more eloquent: “Pussies. This isn’t a Weight Watchers cruise. It’s the goddann [sic] Navy!”

  • Substantia Jones's Body-Positive Photos of 'Fat' People

    Jones's photography is "part fat, part feminism, part 'fuck you,'" and aims to counter the popular media's narrow representations of body types.

  • Ramadan Is Tough for Muslims with Eating Disorders

    For Muslims suffering from eating disorders, this sacred time of fasting is the only month they can get away with starving themselves because not only is not-eating enabled, it is rewarded. I know this firsthand.

  • Should the Government Monitor Fat People?

    "That's a joke, man. Are they gonna, like, start discriminating against eye colour next?"

  • World's Fattest Mom

    After years of getting paid to scarf down tacos and pizza on "fat fetish" cam sites, Donna Simpson reached an astonishing 600 lbs. She's now desperately trying to lose weight in order to lead a normal life for the sake of herself and her children.