Orlando massacre

  • The VICE Morning Bulletin

    This morning, a man claims he was the Orlando shooter's lover, North Korea launches more missile tests, protesters gather outside Donald Trump's golf course in Scotland, and more.

  • The Senate is finally voting on gun control

    More than a week after the deadliest mass shooting in the US, Congress is gearing up to vote on four gun control measures, in legislative efforts that gun regulation opponents, including the NRA, have vowed to defeat.

  • The VICE Morning Bulletin

    This morning, Trump says he'd consider racial profiling, the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to gun control laws in two states, Star Trek actors mourn Anton Yelchin, and more.

  • The VICE Morning Bulletin

    This morning, the GOP agrees to gun control votes after a 15-hour filibuster, Facebook is urged to give over information on Omar Mateen, Broadway stars will record a fundraising song for a Florida LGBT center, and more.

  • Doctors want Congress to declare gun deaths a public health crisis

    Emergency room physicians also say that people come in with far more gunshot wounds per incident than a decade ago—a likely consequence of semi-automatic weapons.

  • AR-15s are big business in Florida — and remarkably easy to get

    In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, we spoke to Florida gun enthusiasts and arms merchants about what makes the assault rifle so popular.