• How-To: Make Deep-Fried Turkey Balls With TJ Miller & Andy Windak

    Funnyman TJ Miller and his personal chef and supper club host, Andy Windak, are here to save your Thanksgiving with these beer-braised turkey meatballs deep-fried in duck fat.

  • Oh Great, We're Going to Be Eating Bird Feathers Soon

    Has this whole anti-food-waste movement gone a bit too far when we're considering chowing down on the contents of throw pillows?

  • 'Pecan Pie'

    VICE.com's most memorable lines from the week of September 11, presented with zero context.

  • How-To: Make Brick Chicken

    Liza Queen, chef/owner of a bunch of now-closed cult restaurants, teaches us how to make brick chicken. The secret ingredients: butter, salt, butter, and more butter.

  • Chickens Are the Original Hipsters

    When groups of chickens get together, they have a tendency to peck at each other; sometimes, to death. Enter tinted chicken glasses and contact lenses, which help to suppress their violent, cannibalistic urges.

  • Your Burger Is Contributing to Our Superbug Problem

    "As far as imminent threats to human health go, I'd put antibiotic resistance second only to global warming. For 23,000 people, this apocalypse is already here."