• Ukraine's Lost Generation

    Sucked into the trauma and labor of an ongoing war, Ukraine’s Millennials face uncertain prospects in a country rife with Soviet-era boomer corruption, an uneven economy, and a lack of job opportunities.

  • Meet the 17-Year-Old Boy Calling Out His Classmates for Objectifying Women

    Noah Abraham is a leader in ManUp, an initiative that aims to get high school boys to reject toxic masculinity and to learn about sexual consent.

  • How a Teen Tried to Heal Her Town After Losing Two Friends to Suicide

    By the end of 2016, Nina Griffiths, a teen from New Zealand, had won $10,000 in funding for a youth center, expanded their peer-support program, and propelled the conversation about youth suicide back onto the national stage.

  • Tracing the Tactics of 21st-Century Youth Protest

    Using nonviolence, humor, and pop culture savviness, a group of Serbian university students sparked a revolution and provided a blueprint for global youth movements.

  • Don’t Waste Your Privilege. Share It.

    Instead of concealing the truth or cementing ourselves in a chamber of guilt for the often unearned opportunities and access that privilege has afforded us, we must, as the Black feminist activist Brittany Packnett says, “spend our privilege.”

  • America’s Housing Crisis Is Breaking Young People

    Thảo Lê stayed in San Jose with an abusive partner for a while because, as they put it, “I knew I just had to sacrifice some things to have a place to stay.”