Professional Gaming

  • Talking to Gamer Turned Poker Pro Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier

    Once one of the top "StarCraft" players in the world, the Frenchman's move to poker paid serious dividends.

  • eSports - Part Five

    In the final part of "eSports," we join 40,000 screaming fans at the League of Legends world final—the highest-attended eSports match in history.

  • eSports - Part Four

    Superclubs and suicide: the darker side of eSports.

  • eSports - Part Three

    We meet KSI, the UK's ultimate gamer celebrity, and follow Team FNATIC to Gamescom—the biggest gaming event in the world—where they battle it out for Europe's top eSports title.

  • eSports

    Giant stadiums, teenage millionaires, super fans, and addiction: Welcome to the world of eSports.

  • eSports

    We get a crash course from a professional gaming commentator, take a trip to gaming rehab, and try on character costumes at the HQ of South Korea's best cosplay team.