• How to Stage a Felony

    In 1979 a guy I knew at a photo agency in LA told me he could market phony crime photos to true-crime magazines, so I invited some of the neighborhood guys over and told them to bring a date and a weapon.

  • A New Episode of Our TV Show Is Airing Tonight

    Here at the VICE HQ we have a gigantic hourglass that we reset each week to count down the days until the next week's HBO show. It takes ten interns all heaving at once to flip it, and the chances of one of them getting pinned underneath or losing a...

  • I Sold My Used Panties for Heroin

    I started using heroin when I was 16 years old. I had played with every other drug at my disposal, but noticed an affinity for opiates in tenth grade when a friend suffering from cancer gave me some morphine. Within one year, I was shooting up in the...

  • Sex and Drugs and Paranoid Schizophrenia

    Vancouver has mountains and beaches and an ocean and vice. Lots of vice.