special k

  • Why Do the British Love Ketamine So Much?

    Most American recreational drug users turn up their noses at the drug known as special k, but in the UK, it's become fully integrated into the country's party scene.

  • The Ten Best Songs About... Ketamine

    Presenting: the soundtrack to extensive numbness, crazy leg syndrome, dissociation, and getting cemented in Fabric’s toilets.

  • Ketamine May Help Treat Bipolar Disorder

    The study was conducted over the course of five years and found that ketamine helps reverse one of the key symptoms that bipolar depressed patients experience.

  • The Sad Demise of Nancy Lee, One of Britain's Ketamine Casualties

    When Nancy starting using the drug regularly it left her stuck in a teenage world from which she was never able to escape. The 23-year-old is one of a growing number to die slowly and horribly due to K abuse.

  • Ketamine fixed me

    Only one person in the Auckland District Health Board region has received ketamine as a treatment for severe suicidality: me.

  • Is Ketamine the New Miracle Drug?

    It was desperation that pushed Danielle to the street drug—Special K—she had avoided as a student in London. She carries ketamine pills and a ketamine nasal spray in her purse. For her and untold others, the horse tranquilizer turned trippy club drug...