• NASA's New Cups Will Change the Way Astronauts Drink in Space

    Astronauts typically drink through straws, from bags filled with everything from water to coffee to cocoa. But a new cup developed by NASA dubbed the “Capillary Beverage Experiment” makes use of the “combined effects of surface tension, wetting, and...

  • Realize Your Lifelong Dream of Buying an Official Wu-Tang Clan Novelty T-Shirt

    Don't blame me when you blow all the money your mom gave you for school supplies that you were secretly planning on spending on a vape pen or whatever.

  • Keep Your Tweezers to Yourself, Chef

    Tweezer food in fancy restaurants can get out of control. Microgreens, the main culprit behind this trend, can get a bad rap. Food dealer Ian Purkayastha reveals the six tiny greens you should care about before it's time to give up and order White...

  • The Unhealthiest Restaurant in San Francisco

    Deep in the health-conscious heart of San Francisco stands a monument to the inner fat kid we abandoned to go live in the Bay called Butter. Known to the gentrified locals as “two turntables and a microwave," since 1999, it has a sticky, faded menu...

  • Wooooo Tang

    Besides, oh, I don't know, Vice, Wooooo is the coolest magazine out now.