Volume 16 Issue 12

  • Jim Shepard

    In lovingly researched stories and novels, Jim Shepard traverses the globe and glides through history in such a way that reading through his collected output, you’re as likely to encounter ancient Greeks or discontented American teens as you are...

  • “The Hunter and His Dogs”

    Saah Millimono is the chief fiction writer at the Daily Observer, Liberia’s most popular newspaper. Each week, the Observer publishes one of Saah’s stories. They primarily deal with sorcery, witchcraft, deception, and the hardship of life.

  • Modern Fiction Is All Rubbish

    Roger Lewis’ 2002 biography of Anthony Burgess polarised critics and his latest book, Seasonal Suicide Notes, is a diary-cum-memoir that made me laugh until I pissed myself on the 185 bus.

  • Duncan Fallowell

    At 21 Duncan Fallowell was the Spectator’s first rock critic. He then released the anthology Drug Tales in 1979, before promptly giving up drugs to prevent “burning out.”

  • “Sits the Queen”

    Damion Searls is an author and award-winning translator, most recently of Rilke’s The Inner Sky: Poems, Notes, Dreams, Proust’s On Reading, and the Robert Walser stories in this issue.

  • “3 Stories”

    Robert Walser was underappreciated in his time and is still sort of a loosely kept secret today, passed around by writers and literature nerds like a test of how good one’s taste really is.