Volume 8 Issue 4

  • Steady Bombin'

    On Saturday, April 21st, at the age of 29, Hector Saul Ramirez (AKA Hec) was struck and killed by the G train while bombing between stops. His wife Cristina Ramirez and friend Tami Brown wrote the following

  • Vice Pictures

    Photos by Glynnis McDaris

  • The Road To Euphoria

    There were thirty thousand tabs of Ecstasy in three clear plastic bags on the coffee table between us.

  • Say Hello To My Little Friend

    Staking claim to the home of the original gun clap, Brooklyn's sharp shooting MCs Tek & Steele aren't about to back down on this rap game. They're known for spitting rounds in underground anthems like "Super Brooklyn" and "Get Up" (from Lyricist Lounge...

  • Sound Of The Pirates

    Saturday night, February 24. A sweaty underground club in the UK heaves with an impatient crowd waiting for Kosheen, the live/vocal drum and bass act that, like every new talent, has been hailed as "the one that will save drum and bass." A quick scan...

  • Super Freaks 10

  • Dream Weaver

    VICE: When did your studio burn down?Min Kim: Last March. I had been having a lot of fire dreams right before that and they were influencing my work.

  • Dear Diary

    It's cold tonight! And it's JUNE! I hate that. I lost student council president. They're probably going to make me secretary or something gay like that!!! UGH! Why do I bother! You know what I want. I want to get out of here. OR BETTER. I want to be...

  • The Return Of New York City

    Street walkers, street style, street beat, street crime - street life in general - disappeared with the streets.New York City has been without a sound for years now, but just when we'd given up

  • Don't Baise Me, Kill Me

    "You must push everything to the absolute limit, or else life will be boring."

  • Don't Baise Me, Kill Me

    "You must push everything to the absolute limit, or else life will be boring."

  • Beats And Rhymes

    Before we get started, I have to repeat: CDs are lame. Please don't send them to me, it's too much work. All right.Spoon is the sickest rapper in the world. "Anti-Christ" is fucking nuts. Pick it up right now on Mary Joy Records or we'll have to...