Highly Relatable Raccoons Busted for Being Day-Drunk in Residential Neighborhood

"We have had calls on suspected rabid raccoons twice over the last two days. Turns out they appear to be drunk on crabapples."
Jelisa Castrodale
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How Male Rape Survivors Grapple with Their Masculinity

From beefing up in the gym to pummeling drink and drugs, male-on-male assault creates specific ripple effects.
David Hillier

How Getting Sober Finally Made Me Cool

I worried that my decision to stop drinking meant trading in my identity as a Fun Person to become a bummer. Instead, my world got bigger.
Molly Priddy
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Man Who Fly-Kicked a Balinese Scooter Driver Says He Had ‘More Than 10 Bottles of Vodka’

The 26-year-old Australian says he doesn't remember anything about his drunken rampage, during which he threw himself in front of a car and broke into a man's home.
Gavin Butler

This Vodka Was Made Using Contaminated Grain from Chernobyl

"Atomik" vodka is the first consumer product to be made from ingredients from the nuclear reactor's exclusion zone.
Gavin Butler

Inside India’s Secret Movement of Homebrewers

A small but growing community of people has been geeking out in their kitchens, producing small-batch beers and secretly meeting up to swap tasting notes.
Reshmi Chakraborty
Dominican Republic

Why Counterfeit Booze Might Be Killing People in the Dominican Republic

Of the 10 Americans who have mysteriously died during their trips to the Dominican Republic in the last year, nine showed symptoms commonly associated with methanol poisoning.
Trone Dowd
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Hells Angels Showed Up Too Drunk or Too Hungover to Participate in Own Anniversary Ride

Seven hundred bikers were expected to participate, but only about 100 Hells Angels (or Hells Hangers-on) were able to take part in the ride.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Bar Owner Called Out After Saying People Shouldn't Order Just Water

“If you just ask for tap water, it feels like you are telling us you don't value our business enough to buy a drink,” she wrote.
Jelisa Castrodale

Getting 'California Sober' Showed Me a Kinder, Gentler Way to Do Drugs

When I quit every substance except weed and psychedelics, I could still party and expand my mind, but without the selfishness and addiction.
Michelle Lhooq

Man Imprisoned for Drunk Driving Says His Body Actually Turns Food into Alcohol

Surprisingly, there's legitimate science to back it up.
Jelisa Castrodale
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'Ban Alcohol or We Won't Vote': Rural Women in South India Warn Political Leaders

Reeling from the consequences of rampant alcoholism among men in rural areas, many women in the south Indian state of Karnataka are protesting using their vote.
Archana Nathan