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A Viral Chinese Deepfake App Is Sparking a Debate on Privacy

Chinese users jumped at the chance to edit themselves into scenes from shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ but those who have studied the app’s privacy policy say it’s not all fun and games.
Meera Navlakha
Artificial Intelligence

AI Trained on Old Scientific Papers Makes Discoveries Humans Missed

Scientists used machine learning to reveal new scientific knowledge hidden in old research papers.
Madeleine Gregory
Artificial Intelligence

This Clothing Line Was Designed By AI

'Glitch' is a new company that sells dresses generated by machine learning algorithms.
Rob Dozier
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Indian Scientists Are Working on a Robot to Patrol the Borders

An Indian research body revealed plans of an all-terrain Artificial Intelligence-enabled prototype to enhance defence abilities.
Shamani Joshi
The VICE Guide to Right Now

China May Outlaw Deepfake Technology

It's the latest move to keep up with the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence technology infamous for porn forgeries.
Alia Marsha
In Moderation

Machine Learning Identifies Weapons in the Christchurch Attack Video. We Know, We Tried It

It took 29 minutes for a Facebook user to first report the livestream of the Christchurch terrorist. Now a machine learning system spots weapons in the stream with an over 90 percent confidence rating.
Joseph Cox
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Guessed What These Recipes Look Like

These food pictures were generated by a computer, and they look surprisingly edible.
Bettina Makalintal

Deepfakes, Explained

First of all, what are they exactly?
Motherboard Staff

China Is Achieving AI Dominance by Relying on Young Blue-Collar Workers

To remain the world leader in artificial intelligence, China relies on young “data labelers” who work eight hours a day processing massive amounts of data to make computers smart.
Huizhong Wu
Artificial Intelligence

Why Is AI-Generated Music Still so Bad?

Researchers say it’s a lot more complex than it seems on the surface.
Kaleigh Rogers

AI Can Generate Interactive Virtual Worlds Based on Simple Videos

Nvidia’s new AI represents a major leap forward in graphics generation based on neural networks.
Daniel Oberhaus

We Asked 105 Experts What Scares and Inspires Them Most About the Future

Climate change, extremism, and artificial intelligence were among the top fears, and young people, technology, and equality were among the top hopes.
Becky Ferreira