North Korea Is Building Its Own Bitcoin

The currency will be “more like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies,” said the official in charge of North Korea’s cryptocurrency conferences.


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Life Inside a Chinese Bitcoin Mine

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10 Years of the Blockchain: What Is Bitcoin, Really?

The Bitcoin white paper was released into the world 10 years ago today, so we asked some influential people in the space—including the guy who spent 10,000 bitcoins on pizza in 2010—what it is and where it's going.


A Major Bug In Bitcoin Software Could Have Crashed the Currency

For less than $80,000, you could have brought down the entire network.


Hackers Made Half a Million Dollars Pretending They Watched You Watch Porn

Scammers tricked victims to pay ransom in bitcoin for compromising video that didn't exist.


World's Biggest GPU Maker No Longer Expects to Make Money on Cryptocurrency Mining

Selling GPUs for cryptocurrency mining accounted for 10 percent of Nvidia’s revenue only a few months ago. Now the company isn’t factoring it into its revenue stream at all.


This Guy Heated Bath Water With Bitcoin Mining and It Worked Too Well

"Lee" used cryptocurrency mining ASICs to heat his bath, which turned the temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius.


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