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Indonesians Can Live Up to Six Years Less Due to Air Pollution, New Study Finds

Those handy face masks aren’t enough to deter the worst effects of Indonesia’s air pollution.
Adi Renaldi
3 days ago
animal abuse

Viral Video Of a Man Eating a Live Cat Sparks Outrage In Indonesia

An Indonesian man shocked netizens when he was filmed eating a cat in a Jakarta market, but there's more to the strange story.
Annisa Nurul Aziza
Ikhwan Hastanto

Jakarta Partygoers Beware: A Religious Leader Is Stopping by Your Nightclubs to Give Sermons

For 14 years, a cleric named Gus Miftah has been delivering religious sermons at nightclubs around Yogyakarta and Bali. Now, it’s Jakarta’s turn, thanks to a blessing from the governor.
Ikhwan Hastanto

Indonesian Man Walks 800km Backwards to Save The Environment

An environmentalist and father of four is making a tedious one-month trek from his village in East Java to Indonesia’s capital in a bid to make a statement on rainforest preservation.
Jade Poa

Condoms Blocking Drains is a Serious Problem in Indonesia’s Capital

Used condoms are clogging Jakarta’s drains and stressing out wastewater treatment centers workers.
Adi Renaldi

Jakarta Government Plans To Create Manmade Rain To Solve Air Pollution Problem

Jakarta is notorious for its unclean air, but becoming the city with the world’s worst air pollution took it to the next level. Can man-made rain fix this?
Ikhwan Hastanto
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An Indonesian University Is Accepting YouTubers And Exempting Them From Entrance Exams

Content creators with 10,000 subscribers or more can skip an Indonesian university’s entrance exam.
Ikhwan Hastanto

Jakartans Sue The Government Over Poor Air Quality

With Jakarta consistently topping the list of cities with the worst air pollution, a group of fathers, NGOs, and online motorcycle taxi drivers are taking matters into their own hands.
Adi Renaldi
Election Violence

Riding Along With the People Saving Lives During the Jakarta Protests

The city's paramedics were stretched thin and fatigued, but still out there helping the injured.
Adi Renaldi
Election Violence

People Power? Not so Fast: Making Sense of Jakarta's Post-Election Chaos

Provocateurs, mysterious "commanders," and clashes in the streets of Central Jakarta—the protests and ensuing riots left us with more questions than answers.
Jonathan Vit
Arzia Wargadiredja
Adi Renaldi

The Indonesian Teenagers Competing in Illegal Drag Races

We went inside the dangerous, high-stakes world of illegal motorcycle racing in Jakarta.
VICE Staff
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When You Find 15 Pythons in Your Home’s Pipes, Maybe It’s Time to Move

Suddenly, the bathroom seems pretty terrifying again.
VICE Staff