Legit-Looking iPhone Lightning Cables That Hack You Will Be Mass Produced and Sold

Their creation has been successfully fully outsourced to a factory, the security researcher behind the cables said.


Don’t Just Delete Facebook, Poison Your Data First

If you're savvy with code, you can employ a script that repeatedly alters your Facebook posts with nonsense, making it more difficult for the social media site to collect user data.


DMVs Are Selling Your Data to Private Investigators

You gave them your data in exchange for a driver’s license. DMVs are making tens of millions of dollars selling it, documents obtained by Motherboard show.


Facebook Said It Wasn't Listening to Your Conversations. It Was.

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Why You Should Make a 'Digital Will'

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A Data Breach in Singapore Leaked the Details of 14,200 People With HIV

It's thought that the man behind the leak is a HIV-positive American whose ex-partner was a senior Singaporean doctor.


Some Masochist Watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean' on Netflix 365 Days Straight

Just one of several weird revelations buried in the streaming service's year-end report.


DATA Was the King of Belgrade’s 80s Minimal Electro Scene

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I Got Tracked by Ai Weiwei's Drones and Here's What Happened

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Colourful Map Charts Video Game Popularity Worldwide

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