A Guide to Being Less Embarrassing on Instagram, for Straight Men

An explainer from a straight man who knows what he's talking about.
Sam Diss

Indonesians are Buying and Selling Human Kidneys on Facebook

The going price for a kidney can range from 5,000 to 90,000 Australian dollars.
Gavin Butler
hate speech

India Pressured WhatsApp to Address Mob Violence—By Hiring Someone 8,000 Miles Away

More than two dozen people have been killed in 17 separate incidents since May as viral fake videos spread unchecked on the network, stirring up racial and religious tensions.
David Gilbert

These Toilets Have Threatening Auras

We talked with the guy behind the incredible Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Peter Slattery

The Impossible Job: Inside Facebook’s Struggle to Moderate Two Billion People

Moderating billions of posts a week in more than a hundred languages has become Facebook’s biggest challenge. Leaked documents and nearly two dozen interviews show how the company hopes to solve it.
Jason Koebler
Joseph Cox

People Who Base Their Self-Worth on Others Are More Likely to Be Facebook Addicts

A study published in “Computers in Human Behavior” found that this trait was a better predictor than self-esteem alone.
Kaleigh Rogers
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When Teenage Facebook Becomes Adult Facebook

Hold the fairground mirror of your peers up to your ageing process. You're welcome!
Lauren O'Neill

Facebook hired outside group to investigate its role in spreading hate speech in Myanmar

Facebook and WhatsApp have been accused by the U.N. of spreading hate speech that led to ethnic violence against the Rohingya minority.
David Gilbert

How Being Funny on Instagram Might Accidentally Lead Lauren Servideo to a Career

An aspiring journalist and former assistant at a medical publishing company made videos for fun—now she works for the platform, has a manager, and is quickly falling into the comedy world.
Alex Norcia
Facebook Disinformation

How Real Activists Learned Facebook Was Deleting Their Protest Page for ‘Inauthentic Behavior’

Facebook’s definition of "authentic" is complicated because disinformation campaigns are complicated.
Sarah Emerson

Why Election Interference Campaigns on Facebook Are Still Working

“If they’re not caught, it leads to action in the real world. If they’re exposed, they’ve already undermined trust in the conversation."
Matthew Gault
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Instagram Will Soon Let You Know How Much Time You're Wasting on Instagram

In a move aimed at improving mental health that might be more depressing than just scrolling through your feed.
Lauren Messman