conspiracy theories

The Strange, Centuries-Long History of Satanic Pedophile Panics

Modern-day conspiracy theories like Pizzagate and 'QAnon' have roots that stretch back to medieval Europe.
Mark Hay
28 minutes ago

I Tried 'Matched Betting' to See How Much Easy Money I Could Make

I aimed to make AU$890 profit within a month, using the tactic betting companies aren't one bit keen on.
Hayden Vernon
a day ago

'Ego Death' Is the Trip Competitive Psychedelic Users Are Chasing

More and more psychonauts are looking for the ultimate high, but some are ruining their minds in the process.
James Nolan
a day ago
Inside Outsider

We Talked to Migrants About the Cultural Significance of 'Scarface'

Tony Montana was the poster boy for a generation of migrant crooks in Australia.
Mahmood Fazal

Inside the Segregated Pubs of Outback Australia

They're called "animal bars" and they're unbelievably wrong.
Julian Morgans
Stephen Smit

WATCH: The Melbourne Motel Where Every Guest Is a Survivor

To outsiders the "Stay Inn" is a low-rated dump on Tripadvisor. To guests, the place represents a last chance.
VICE Staff
Secret Love

What It's Like to Date in a Place Where Even Sitting Too Close is Illegal

Young couples need to keep their relationships secret and an eye out for the Sharia police in Indonesia's Aceh province.
Hendri Abik

Twenty Four Hours in Berlin's Red-Light District

Rafaela, a 52-year-old sex worker, showed me around the stuffy cafes and dark corners of Berlin's biggest prostitution area.
Christina Hertel

What It's Really Like to Work on a Greek Party Island

"An entire toilet cubicle was covered in shit. I stood guard, making sure no one tried to go in, while my boss put on a mask and walked in there to clean up the mess."
Tasos Magiopoulos

Socialism Is Incredibly Popular but Does Anyone Know What 'Socialism' Is?

We asked a bunch of socialists what their vision of America would look like.
Geoff Dembicki

I Spent a Weird (and Homophobic) Day Trying to Follow God's Will

Inspired by the show 'God Friended Me,' I tried to change my life by following the instructions of the big man upstairs.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Doctor's Note

The Cat Who Could Predict Death

Over several years, Oscar the cat had curled up next to 50 patients. Every one of them died shortly thereafter. How could doctors reproduce this ability?
Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD