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She Helped Expose Girls Do Porn, But She Can Never Outrun What It Did to Her

As the ringleaders of Girls Do Porn face the possibility of life in prison, one woman discusses a life-altering decision that led her to contemplate suicide, drop out of school, and go into hiding.

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How Abusers Are Exploiting Smart Home Devices

Voice-activated assistants, smart TVs and app-controlled locks and light systems promise convenience. They can also enable stalking.


Here's What Extinction Rebellion Feed Thousands of Hungry Protesters

Vegan recipes for chilli sin carne and potato salad included.


Meet the Anarchists Making Their Own Medicine

The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is a network of tech-fueled anarchists taking on Big Pharma with DIY medicines.


How to Live After Being Shot

They had nothing going for them "beside go outside, smoke, and chill." Then they started making art together.


We Meet the People Burning Down Indonesia’s Forests

Hundreds of individuals directly contribute to the fires engulfing Indonesia’s forests, causing the haze that has enveloped parts of Southeast Asia. But why isn’t the government going after the corporations that hired them?


This Is Exactly What Will Happen After the Last Fish in the Ocean Dies

The devastation of the vast majority of the world's marine life is much closer than we think.


We Visited Indonesia’s Giant Community-Destroying Oil Spill

Ordinary citizens worry about how to survive a disaster caused by Indonesia’s largest oil company.


How Ketamine Became the UK Teenager's Drug of Choice

It's always been around, but in 2019 ketamine is back at the top of the teenage drug menu.


Sex Workers Make Great Therapists – But They're Locked Out of the Job

People in sex work say that the two roles have huge amounts of overlap, but they're shunned by the therapy profession.


How Musicians Re-Adjust to Public Life After Time in Prison

The headlines pass, and critics move on, but artists like Blackpool grime's Afghan Dan have to navigate life anew in the public eye.


The Remarkable Return of the Burner Phone

Some of us are ditching smartphones in favour of more basic choices, as though we're back in the early 2000s. But why?