We Asked Queer Indians How They First Learned About Sex

Porn, trial-and-error, Sidney Sheldon—LGBTQ+ youth tell us about their initiation into the world of sex and sexuality in a country where sex ed is either super-hetero or missing altogether.


The Insults You Can and Cannot Use

Sorry! These are the rules now!


I’m a 29-Year-Old Pregnant Virgin

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Mount Rinjani is spewing ash into Indonesian airspace, grounding flights and leaving people stranded on an extended holiday.


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Richard Branson just posted an embargoed document from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime that urges governments to ease off on the prosecution and imprisonment of drug users.


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This Guy Accidentally Made a Documentary About His Former Porn Obsession

Fourteen years ago, filmmaker Matt Pollock started making a documentary that was ostensibly about his burning desire to lose his virginity only to find out that it's actually about his battle with porn addiction and how it has affected his...


There's Nothing More Damaging Than School

Here are a few stories about horrible or funny things that happened to people at school, including menstrual finger-banging and biting little girls until they bleed.