3 Fires at Jewish Centers in Massachusetts Were “Intentionally Set”

Two were at a rabbi's house — and one at a nearby Jewish center.


Sheriff deputy's son who burned three black churches will face hate crime charges

The NAACP deemed the fires in Louisiana, plus another fire at a civil rights center in Tennessee, to be “domestic terrorism.”


Some Dude Spent His Friday Night Lighting Cars On Fire In Edmonton

The Edmonton arsonist was tackled in a Starbucks by a mustached man in a Hawaiian shirt and a guy with a 2x4.


Son of sheriff’s deputy charged in arson attacks on 3 black churches in Louisiana

"We saw other crimes were imminent," said Butch Browning, the Louisiana Fire Marshal.


The Alleged Holy Fire Arsonist Seems Obsessed with Conspiracy Theories

Forrest Clark's Facebook page is filled with posts about miracle cancer cures, Qanon, and supposed secret pedophile rings.


Alberta Police Are Still Looking for Man Who Set Mosque Fire

The man started two fires at the Edson, Alberta mosque late Saturday evening, despite three people still being present.


Some Questions for Vancouver’s Serial Porta-potty Arsonist

Police are asking for help investigating seven flaming poo crimes.


A Dick-Drawing Prank Allegedly Drove a Man to Arson

"Can't you just work with me, bro? I was thinking irrationally."


People Raised $175,000 for the Roy Moore Accuser Whose House Burned Down

Tina Johnson and her family are living in a motel room while police investigate the fire as a possible arson.


Evicted Teenage Tenants Charged With Arson and Murder After Baby Dies in Fire

The Edmonton fire sent eight to hospital and killed a five-month old boy.


Everything We Know About the Man Who Lit a Hamilton Mosque on Fire

Keith Frederick pleaded guilty to arson this week for attempting to burn down the Ibrahim Jam-E Mosque.


Murder Suspect Marissa Shephard Has Been Convicted of Spitting in a Jail Guard’s Eye

Shephard has been sentenced to four months in jail.