If You Found $300,000, What Would You Do?

Baltimore rapper Starrz delivers the new visual for his track "Get Right" featuring SlickboySupe and a lot of cash.
Al Shipley
Life Inside

Taking College Classes in Prison Helped Me Forget I Wasn't Free

It’s sad, but I knew I would go to prison before I would go to college.
Marcus Lilly, as told to Nicole Lewis
true crime

What Do You Call Two Dirty Cops Going to Prison? A Start

An insane trial proved widespread racketeering, drug conspiracy, and robbery by police in Baltimore. There's more coming.
Brandon Soderberg
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump's budget even crueler than usual, dirty cops convicted in Baltimore, Jeff Sessions praises "Anglo-American" law enforcement, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals

One officer involved in the city's massive corruption scandal said officers kept the replicas "in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them."
Drew Schwartz

Sam Ray Knows What Heaven Feels Like

Listen to "This Is Heaven and I'd Die for It," the third single from American Pleasure Club's 'A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This.'
Alex Robert Ross

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Shares Dan Deacon-Produced New Song and Video “Dunce”

Listen to the Baltimore band's first track off the strange new, Dan Deacon–produced full-length, 'Riddles,' out later this spring.
Param Anand Singh
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hollywood women launch anti-harassment defense fund, at least 14 killed in Nigerian church shootings, immigration computers go down at US airports, and more.
VICE Staff

Here’s a Mix of the Best and Brightest Music from Baltimore in 2017

Noisey staff writer Lawrence Burney looks back on a year of vibrant music from his hometown—including Lor Choc, Creek Boyz, and some fiery club edits.
Noisey Staff

Lor Choc's "Fast Life" Is the Financial Optimism We All Need

The Baltimore singer praises every route to the bag.
Lawrence Burney
16 project

Forged in Baltimore, Lorenzo Simpson Wants to Box His Way to Greatness

The boxing prodigy has lived a complicated life and seen the very worst of what America has to offer. But he hopes to represent his country at the 2020 Olympics before he turns pro.
Jeff Harder

Is Baltimore's DIY Art Scene Being Killed Off?

After the Ghost Ship warehouse fire, a series of high-profile venue closures in the low-profile scene have shown the kind of ugly aftereffects a national tragedy can bring.
Kaila Philo