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This City Will Start Outing Johns. Sex Workers Think It’s a Terrible Idea

Police in London, Ontario say publicizing names of people charged with buying sexual services will curb demand and help prevent sex trafficking.
Rachel Browne

Sex Workers Want Bill C-36 Gone, But Are the Liberals Listening?

After a date gone wrong, one sex worker is organizing her colleagues in hopes the government may change the controversial law.
Stephen Maher

Liberals' Inaction On Sex Work Laws Is Putting Sex Workers in Danger, Group Claims

Montreal’s STELLA says C-36 might be due for another court challenge
Brigitte Noël

Supervised Injection Sites Are on the Way. Here’s What They Look Like Now

The Canadian government announced Monday that it plans to ease the restrictions on setting up supervised injection sites imminently. Until then, things don't look good on the ground level.
Jake Kivanc

No, the Trans Rights Bill Doesn’t Criminalize Free Speech

U of T Prof Jordan Peterson has made C-16 a rallying point for free speech advocates. But experts say he has it all wrong.
Tamara Khandaker

​A Canadian University Professor Is Under Fire For Rant on Political Correctness

The University of Toronto prof posted the rants on his YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads lectures and discussions related to his psychology courses.
Jake Kivanc

Sex Workers Are Worried About How Ontario Will Rewrite Sex Trafficking Laws

The Ontario government is gearing up for a concentrated effort at curbing sex trafficking in June, but sex workers are worried that new laws might give police too broad a mandate.
Jake Kivanc

Canada Needs to Catch Up to the Present with Cyberbullying Laws That Work

Today's Twitter harassment verdict shows the need for laws for the # generation.
Jake Kivanc

Justin Trudeau’s Throne Speech Makes No Mention of Reforming Unsafe Sex Work Laws

While the government claims it will launch an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and work on policies to curb violence against women, not a word was said about the laws putting sex workers in danger.
Sarah Ratchford

‘John Shaming’ Is Actually Putting Sex Workers at Risk

A Nova Scotia newspaper's decision to run the names of 27 johns facing charges has come under criticism from sex workers.
Brigitte Noël

Montreal Police Cracked Down Hard on F1 Sex Tourism

With a little help from Bill C-36.
Nick Rose
VICE Canada Reports

The New Era of Canadian Sex Work

We sent Lowell, a pop singer and former stripper, to meet with policy makers and police to discuss the new sex work regulations in Bill C-36. She also met with one particular john to see how he feels about his behaviour becoming newly illegal.
VICE Staff