The Unique Problems Trans People Face When Finding a Therapist

You should be able to talk to someone about your mental health without having your gender status blamed and scrutinised.
Megan Nolan
mental health

Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Starting Therapy

Some advice on how to make the most of your talking therapy if you’ve never had it before.
Hannah Ewens
VICE vs Video games

How Video Games Helped Me Battle My OCD

Using video games to train those with obsessive-compulsive disorder can teach them that risks can be an adventure, and that you can't control everything save for how you react.
Christos Reid

Can an App Really Help Manage Your Mental Health?

Or will the proliferation of apps designed to help mental wellbeing provide an excuse for keeping mental health services underfunded?
Sarah Graham

Has Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Had Its Day as a Treatment for Depression in the UK?

With more Brits than ever turning to antidepressants, some experts see the death knell ringing for the treatment.
Sarah Graham
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

You Have No Idea What the Term 'Depressed' Really Means Until It Devours You

"Depression" was a just a word to me before, like "sandals" or "matinée." Now, I get a pang in my chest whenever I hear it.
Joe Bish
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Where Did My OCD Come From?

There's always been a big part of me that wanted to believe OCD is genetic, that my mom's DNA, rather than her behavior, gave me OCD. But I've realized that pointing the finger isn't that important when you want to get well.
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

What It's Like Recovering from a Suicide Attempt

More people below the age of 35 die from suicide in the UK than any other reason. This is what it's like to reach a point where death seems like the only rational option, but also how the experience can be a catalyst for recovery.
David Whelan
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

This Is How It Feels to Live with Severe Anxiety

My anxiety disorder can make me feel like I'm trapped in a cyclone of negative thoughts and fear. But thanks to the right treatments and techniques, I've discovered how to live my life.
Eleanor Morgan